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Equally imaginative and analytical, our staff brings a strong and eclectic set of skills, uniting digital expertise and strategic mindsets with striking artistic talent and a penchant for creativity.


We're creative writers and fine artists with a strong passion for our crafts. We have a valuable and profound ability to apply our talents to practical business and digital media strategies.

We're marketing gurus, digital natives, and data nerds who will craft the most enticing content and enliven your website with modern, user friendly designs.


Karey Perkins, Ph.D.


Ph.D. English - Georgia State University

M.A. English - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.A. English - Wake Forest University

Karey has two decades of professional and academic writing experience,  including teaching college composition, persuasive writing, business and technical writing, and web and print media design. 

Colleen Donnelly, M.A.

content writer & strategist | digital marketing director

M.A.  Communications - Georgia State University

B.A. English and Creative Writing - West Georgia

Colleen's experience in pubic relations and professional writing (both digital and print) forged her talent in content marketing and strategy.  Additionally, her Master of Arts in Communication provided her with proven expertise in Digital Communications.


Colleen specializes in content writing and strategy, and has gained years of professional experience in digital marketing & SEO.  She's also skilled in web design, programming, and UI/UX design.


Due to her strong creative writing talent and extensive storytelling experience, Colleen writes authentic, compelling content.



Jessica Hain, BA

Graphic Designer | Videographer | Photographer

Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer

Jessica Hain has a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Kennesaw State University, focused mainly on photography.

She is also a talented painter and graphic designer, as well as skilled in various other visual arts. 


A true self-made woman, Jessica taught herself woodworking and jewelry making, and she now runs a successful business as a jeweler, painter, woodworker, and creator of various other hand-crafted visual art and resin crafts. She sells her fine art online as well as at various markets for local artists in the metro Atlanta area on a weekly basis. Her art is popular among locals as well as on social media.

​Jessica is also highly talented in graphic design, photography,  videography, as well as various other visual arts.  She contributes to WebRite's visual designs, video productions, social media, and photography.


Her design talents have lent her vast knowledge of the Adobe Suite, most notably Photoshop and Illustrator.


As writers and editors, our portfolios include eclectic samples of both professional and creative writing.

We've written and/or published short stories, creative essays, screenplays, magazine articles, press releases, academic papers, blog posts, and more.


We also have experience writing & editing website content, ad copy, newsletters, brochures, technical documents, grants, informational health & science documents, and more.

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